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 When updating your home means changing more than the superficial cosmetics, Dansk Design can help you re-envision a space to better suit your lifestyle. Maybe that means taking down the kitchen wall so the cook in the family can chat with guests or keep an eye on the kids... Maybe it means turning a recreation room into a mother-in-law suite to make room for family... Maybe it means building an addition to create the master suite of your dreams…

Whatever your project, we’ll help you think through the options and make informed decisions so that you can make the most of your house and your budget.


 The opportunity to design and build your own home is a dream for many. Making that dream a reality starts by teaming up with a residential designer or architect who can help you turn your vision into real plans that a contractor can build from.  As a residential design company, we focus solely on architectural design for single family homes and our founding inspiration was to make custom home plans more affordable. At Dansk Design, we specialize in making homes that are:

  • Unique and specifically designed for your lot and lifestyle while maintaining broad value and appeal for future resale.
  • Beautiful, but still practical and functional to live in.

  Let us help you bring your dream of a custom home to reality!  


 We can help you bring your plans to life! In addition to creating architectural plans for your new home or remodel, we provide the option to manage your construction project. With years of project management experience, we can help you obtain permits, find contractors, create a budget and work-back schedule, source materials, handle any challenges in the construction process, and generally oversee all aspects of bringing your project to life.

We only offer our project management service option to our residential design clients. As a small company, we prioritize our relationships with our design clients and want to make sure we’re available for you. At Dansk Design, your designer IS your project manager, and that has its benefits:

  • You’ve had time to get to know your designer before deciding if you would like to continue the relationship.
  • Having the same person that designed your house follow through with the construction eliminates a lot of confusion and delays.
  • If construction issues require plan adjustments, you can expect a turn-around within a few days, rather than weeks.

Are you thinking of managing the project yourself but you need a little help? Construction can be a stressful process and a little overwhelming at times, particularly when it is something as important as your home. We can help you get started and manage your project by serving as an advisor. We’ll walk you through the process, point you in the right direction, and be on hand as construction progresses for any questions you might have.