Please call to set up a consultation:   425-443-5927


Call to set up a consultation. We’ll ask you about what you want to do, check out the property, and go over what the design and construction process entails.  When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll sign a service agreement and your designer will start gathering the information needed to create an initial sketch. We are a small company so you won’t deal with any salespeople or have to go through an account manager to pass information on to your residential designer. You will have direct access to your designer throughout the process and can expect a quick response.

Step 1: Floorplan Design (Flat fee + hourly for additional work)

Unlike the standard architectural design process which offers you only one or two initial designs, Dansk Design will create multiple floorplan designs so you can better understand your options for the project. As we go through the plan and make changes, we’ll talk about how your choices affect the flow and function of the home, as well as the structural requirements, project timelines, and your construction budget. Your feedback is critical so it may take a few drafts before we’re ready to settle on a final plan.

Step 2: Structural Plan  (Flat fee + hourly for additional work)

When we have finalized the floor plan, we can then determine what style the house should be. We’ll put together one or more visualizations to help you decide on the exterior look of the house and go through the floor plan to show how the type of structure you choose affects interior points of interest, such as vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and natural lighting. Dansk Design will then work in conjunction with a Structural Engineer to create your structural plan.

Step 3: Permit Plans  (Flat fee + hourly for additional work)

We’ll create permit plans with additional supporting  detail as needed, such as code compliance documentation, lot coverage calculations, site plans, and elevation drawings. We work with relevant specialists as needed to complete requirements for your plans, such as a truss manufacturer, structural engineer, civil engineer, land surveyor, arborist, and soils expert.

Step 4: Permit Submission (Hourly)

We'll complete any additional forms required, submit your permit plans to the city/county, and handle the review process to get your building permit approved as quickly as we can.